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I am a Yii supporter. I like using different frameworks on different projects based on the matching of a framework properties and the project needs.

Developing with Yii is fast and learning is simple for OOP experienced developers. This book is a collection of recipes that drive you to write applications with Yii.

Take your laptop, install Netbeans IDE, XAMP/LAMP stack and phpUnit, open the book, read it point by point, write the code, test it and improve it.

There are recipes for jQuery mobile development and the content switching based on device type sniffing, there are recipes for integration with services as Google+ feed and also recipes for Gii usage and Role Based Access Control with nice extensions.

The learning path suggested by the book is oriented to various levels of expertize, it will help new developers to start while the mid-senior level developers will find the treasure in the Yii chest.

I think that reading the Yii online/downloadable guide and experimenting code reported in this book could be an effective way to reach a better knowledge into Yii Framework world.




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