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Instant Building Multi-Page Forms with Yii How-to [Instant]


This book is an how to develop paged long forms with Yii Framework.

It’s simple, very well written and full of clear code examples.

The author explains how to configure Yii to connect with a database and how to configure and use the Gii Code Generator
in order to create a basic form to save the data into the database.

To make our form user friendly the author splits it
in different fields parts and puts each one of these parts on a different form page that the user will fill in via sequential manner.

In order to collect the data and hold them during the page transitions the author uses a ViewState mechanism (well know by ASP.NET or
PRADO PHP developers).

In conclusion this is a useful and nice manual which will probably work perfectly for you if you have to cope with Yii forms and your boss needs results in less than one hour



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